Monday, July 18, 2011

Southern Ladies..there's a reason we are nuts!

For reasons that are never explained to little girls in the South, we are groomed from birth to be the way we are. Our Mom's, Grandmother's, & Aunt's take their jobs very seriously.

As a little girl I knew you couldn't wear white shoes before Easter. My birthday is in the summer, need I say more?
I think my Mom should have been more concerned with me falling & breaking my neck!

With those lovely manners of standing in a chair, I guess I had the etiquette down!
You don't go barefoot after Labor Day, even though it may be 85 degrees outside!
Your feet could still get chilled & the story of the little girl who died with something akin to the consumption is burned in your brain.

Notice it's warm enough for my arms, but the feet were totally a different story. This picture was taken at Thanksgiving of course!

All Southern homes are built with huge fireplaces & beautiful hearths. When it does drop below 50 the wife starts wanting a fire in that fireplace. Southern men like to please their wives so they build huge wood fires. As long as the wife wants the ambiance of a log fire burning, it will burn regardless of the need for comfort measures from the A/C. So when you come in from outside, you have to shed layers of clothes quickly to prevent your make up from running down your chin! It is acceptable to turn the air conditioner on to prevent this from occurring. I can vouch for the fact that the A/C is running full blast because my Daddy was really into that PacMan game. I'm sure my Mom ask for that lovely fire!

Horror stories are told by women everywhere in the South about the dangers of running to the store in curlers & no makeup. Some will try to cover it up by wearing a scarf or hat. Just the time you take the chance & go out looking a mess, that's when you'll run into the one person who will tell everyone in town!

Southern ladies love beautiful things that are passed down from generations before.
They must be displayed in a place of honor.
Never make the mistake and use these items. Family feuds have started over much less in the South. 

Heaven help you if you break a tooth out of Great-Great Aunt Alice's comb!!!!

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