Sunday, February 5, 2012

Food that feeds the Soul

If you love to cook, you most likely have recipes you have cut out from magazines. I have a binder that I place these little jewels in so I can find them. Keeping all my recipes on a file in my computer just isn't me. I am a sensory type person, I like to feel the book in my hand. I do have a computer file for recipes I find on the Internet although it's almost enough to put a cook into sensory overload!

Feeding those I love delicious and healthy foods make me feel successful. Southern food has gotten such a bad rap for being deep fried and full of calories. Cooked correctly it can be a very healthy diet. I know the term Healthy Southern...may make you laugh! My challenge is to prove that Southern style cooking is healthy, delicious & easy to cook.

I am working on a cookbook and would love to hear from others on what they think is Southern style cooking. If you are from the South you know we are a melting pot of so many different cultures. Our table is blessed with Mexican, Creole, German & many more home style foods. We all come back to the table for the food that feeds our souls.