Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Southerner's love to talk

     Southern women love to talk!  We have lots to share and are sure no one can wait to here what we have to say. We have gained this talent from listening to our Mom, Grandmother, Aunts, Sisters, and friends.

     Along the way I listened to my Grandmother's the most when they were in the kitchen making me the most fabulous food ever. Both grandmothers were great cooks who sometimes had a recipe and sometimes didn't. I learned to cook by watching them measure dry ingredients in their hands, use the splash method for some wet ingredients and cook till it looks done. I will admit I meaure most things and always set a timer when I bake...

     Cooking makes me happy, being in my kitchen makes me happy, going grocery shopping makes me happy...I love to walk into a new grocery store and wander the isles to see what they have that is new or different. When we moved to Colorado from Texas my first culture shock was that they didn't carry the chili seasoning I loved. My second lightbulb moment was when I realized that chili could mean anything: beef, chicken, bean, meatless(still haven't figured that one out). Chili could even be white..that is just not right!!! I have never seen any white chili powder or white chili peppers so that is just wrong. Being a Texan I think all chili should be dark red and spicy. And just to let you all know..beans are never in Texas chili...that is chili bean soup!




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  1. Southern women love their kitchens and all the good stuff happens there. Some of my favorite memories are around kitchen tables and cooking together. I love all the laughing and the mess...and the yummy food. Comforting ourselves,family and friends with food is such a part of our lifes. It is truly a way we give of ourselves. Whether it is a funeral or a new baby...we love to give food to others. I am so proud of you and your new venture. You will do great. Love the blog. Very cool. Can't wait to taste some of your goodies.