Monday, February 21, 2011

Southern girls & patience

Southern girls, like all women have special qualities that make us very lovable. Patience may not be one of those traits. I just told my husband what I am blogging today and he cracked up at the title. At this moment he is fixing my computer because I was a little anxious and kept trying to fix a problem & locked the whole thing up tighter than Dick's hat band! For those of you who are not blessed to be from the South, that's really tight. Poor guy must have kept a headache!

I really try to be patient, but am not always as successful as I need to be. We understand as women that not ever problem is within our power to solve. What we don't understand is our inability to make the person who has the power to solve that particular issue work at the speed we see fit. My biggest issue lately has been my website and it's lack of functionality. I tried to fire the website developer, but he kept reminding me that I married him 33 yrs ago & wouldn't leave anyway! So after much whining, complaining, begging & foot stomping, he fixed the website today.

Being a man, he is now reading all the stats of my website activity since it first went online. I am now losing my patience because so many people saw the website that reminded me of a cluttered hall closet! My Southern charm and patience has now reach the edge and the abyss is closer than ever.
Then he smiles at me and asks "Is this more like what you wanted?" Now the sweet Southern side comes back out and I say "yes's just what I wanted"...reminds me of the answers I've given on some sweaters he bought me for Christmas!!

When all is said and done, life is just too short to stress over things that can be changed. We have a new website up and running tonight. We are still speaking. Life is good!

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