Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Kitchen Favorites

We all have our favorite tools in the kitchen. I have several that I use everyday that make my life so much easier. When your kitchen is your favorite room in your house you should have toys that make you happy!

This is a Bodum Milk Frother and I use it every morning of my life. It is battery operated and really makes your coffee taste like an expensive latte. My favorite treat is adding a little cocoa powder, cinnamon & Stevia to my coffee with about 1/2 teaspoon of half & half. I don't use the fat free because of the added sugar. I use a whole bean coffee that is good quality. Coffee beans should be dark & shiny. A powdery coffee bean is only good for one thing...putting in a candle holder & using for decorations! Store coffee beans in a ceramic or vacuum sealed container. Do not freeze your beans, refrigerate your beans or store them in the sunlight. The 4 enemies of coffee beans are moisture, air, light, heat.

Grinders for beans can be purchased in your big box discount stores or home stores. The choices are simple: grinders or burr grinders. A regular coffee grinder is inexpensive and works great. I use a Hamilton Beach from Target and it works great. They are cheap enough that when I wear it out..I just chunk it and get another one. I grind a lot of coffee..alot! My grinder lasts about 2 years and a new one is less than 3 lattes at a coffee shop. The burr grinder is more expensive but produces a finer grind if you want Espresso or Turkish coffee. I'm wired enough on what I make, so haven't tried that one yet.

I came to my love of coffee later in life. I lived in the South and it was so hot all year round that I never felt the need for a warm drink. When I moved to Nebraska I learned that coffee was the drink of choice to keep your insides from freezing. Now I love it and can't get enough of those shiny beans whirling around in my grinder. Put away the ground coffee and take a walk on the wild side of life!

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