Thursday, March 24, 2011

Technology is a love-hate relationship

I have spent one whole week of my life working on a blog with Windows 2010. Having a new computer is already a challenge, not to mention all my files are in the wrong place. My husband would be glad to help, but Southern women tend to be a little stubborn and think we can do it ourselves. I am here today to confess...I can not do everything without help.  I was in a panic without my computer for a week, now I remember how pleasant and headache free that time was.

I can manage a team of medical professionals, a cafe of disgruntled staff, & deal with everyday stresses of life...but computer problems put me over the edge! Why is everything so precise? I am more of a pinch of this, pinch of that kind of person. I think very black & white about most issues, but computers are worse than I am!

Today was going to be a fabulous post about Guacamole & it's health benefits. That post will be forthcoming, but I have "techincal difficulties" to work out! Guacamole makes me happy..maybe I'll just go to the store and buy more ingredients and cook something else to write about...Maybe a fresh roma tomato salsa or tomatillo salsa? Now I'm smiling! Think my ADHD just kicked in, told the doctor the medication won't work if you enjoy a good flight of ideas every know and then.

Have a great day everyone, think I'm taking a technology time-out or this pretty cadillac laptop is going out the patio door! I still have my Blackberry so I'm okay..oops that would be technoloy too wouldn't it. Can't escape it, but I think I will just go try a little shopping therapy!!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Please do post about guacamole... I loooove it!