Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookbook writing will make you fat!

I am writing a cookbook in celebration of Texas and Southern favorites. Being a perfectionist I have to cook all these recipes before I publish them to make sure they are right. My website is up but only has Spicey Mama's Chili Seasoning on it right now, but later today we will have 2 new dips. One is Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Dip, it's so addictive and the taste testing on it is completed. I took it to a party last Sunday night and it went over great so it's a keeper!! The other is a Loaded Baked Potato Dip that I'm still trying to give a better creativity is lagging. We have eaten too much of this one trying to get it just the way I want it. I made my husband's grandmother's Date Squares at Thanksgiving. They were good but something was not in that recipe and that happens alot with older recipes. They were good and we ate them but too dry..of course all the calories were there regardless.

I have been so lucky to have had great cooks in my family. My grandmothers both lived on farms in Texas and survived the Great Depression. My maternal grandparents lived in Dime Box, Texas and yes that's a real place! My paternal grandparents lived in Ben Wheeler, Texas. They have recipes that are so simple and have few ingredients but taste like pure heaven. My plan this Christmas is to cook several of their recipes so they can be tested for the cookbook. I also have had the privelege of knowing so many other Texas grandmothers that fed me well when I was young, they have to be included also! So by the time I finish with my test kitchen...I may have to live at the gym 24hrs/day for a few weeks.

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