Monday, May 30, 2011

Joy Bauer Slim & Scrumptious Cookbook Review

I was approached by Joy Bauer's company "Everyday Health" to partner with them in reviewing several of Joy's books. Of course being the cookbook fanatic, I am starting with the "Slim & Scrumptious Cookbook", which after reading cover to cover I knew I had to cook all the dishes! 

This cookbook is laid out in a very nice order, has lovely photography & clear instructions. The nutritional breakdown is complete and easy to read. Joy has included many different flavor profiles, healthy choices, & family friendly meals.

After I picked the books up from UPS, I went to Panera for dinner with my husband. Being a casual dining place & knowing I couldn't wait, I took it in with me to browse through while I ate. Together we read the whole book! He loves food, I love to he loves new cookbooks too!

I chose the Creole Catfish with Cucumber-Radish Slaw, Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries, & the Dark Cocoa Almonds. Let me first say that if you are going to try the almonds, be prepared to become addicted!

The Creole Catfish is a simple quick main course. If you have never eaten Catfish because you think it's bottom feeder fish, let me tell you American farm raised catfish is some of the cleanest & healthiest fish around!  I for one will not eat catfish that is not farm raised & grain fed. Don't even get me started on the shrimp from other places...I'm from the Texas Gulf coast & can tell with the first bite if my shrimp isn't! In Nebraska its hard to get fresh Gulf shrimp, but when I find it I buy lots!

I blackened the catfish in an iron skillet using my New Southern Pantry Cajun Seasoning. I avoid most salt in dishes & I have found it's hard to find a quality Cajun seasoning that isn't so heavy on the sodium. The photo shows a remoulade sauce that I made, that wasn't Joy's recipe. The catfish is just as good without it, but using greek yogurt in place of the mayo keeps it healthy!

Cucumber & Radish Slaw was a new recipe for me. It's very simple & has lemon zest & black pepper which really blends well with the vegetables. It's a light & beautiful side dish for summer

Now the sweet potatoes..oh my I am glad I only cooked enough for the two of us because I would have eaten every last one of those! We made a dipping sauce of greek yogurt & chipotle hot sauce, & when you dip these crunchy , breaded (yes bread!) sweet potato fries in that you forget your eating something healthy!

The Dark Cocoa Almonds .....well lets just say...these are just divine! I had tried this with another recipe but the cocoa wouldn't stick well and they were a mess. Joy's recipe uses frothed egg whites before dipping and it works like a dream. I'm sure I didn't eat the correct serving size, but don't think I ever could with these. I'm anxious to try the other two almonds varieties; Cinnamon-Sugar & Chipotle. I will say I added a little of myself to the almonds, added cinnamon & cayenne to half the recipe...WOW!

Joy's recipes are simple to make, taste wonderful & are healthy for you. I love the fact that sugar is not a evil word in this cookbook. I have been diabetic for 20 yrs and decided several years ago that most artificial sweeteners & dietetic food did more harm than good. Moderation and light application of sugar is my choice on most things. Do I always eat correctly...absolutely not! Do I try to do it 95% of the time, yes. Remember healthy eating & weight loss is a marathon not a sprint!

Go to your favorite book store & check out Joy's cookbook "Slim & Scrumptious".  You will love the easy recipes & everyday ingredients!

Next up is the Upside-Down Pan Pizza...yes pizza in a nutritionist cookbook! I have died and gone to food heaven! Might even make a salad & some Berry Berry Crisp!

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