Monday, June 20, 2011

Chickory Coffee...where have you been all my life?

Several weeks ago I received a gift in the mail that may just have changed my world. I was born & raised in the South and never drank coffee because it was always hot outside and I just preferred iced tea. In the winter we might have a few cups of hot cocoa but not a lot. My Daddy drank coffee but he was a Locomotive Engineer & had to be up for hours on the train & needed the coffee.

A fellow Southerner replied to a tweet about Chicory coffee & my lack of experience with it, well he took care of that and sent me a bag of Community Coffee.

I have been away for several weeks at a Youth camp & today was the first day I had to sit down and try this coffee. I may never be the same! It is full bodied, deep in flavor with a smokey chocolate licorice taste. I made a Cafe au lait which was incredible, but I also drank a cup black. Cafe au lait is warm cream or milk added to the coffee with sugar just because you can!

My favorite coffee at the "shops" are usually dark & full bodied so I enjoy stronger coffee. This just adds something that a barista can't...character!

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  1. Mmm, full-bodied coffee with a chocolate licorice taste? Yes please! Looks like I'm gonna have to get my hands on a pound or ten of this one! :)