Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cooking Tex-Mex is easy!

Tex-Mex is soul food in the South. I never really tried to perfect my Tex-Mex cooking at home when we lived in Texas. It is easier to find a great Mom & Pop Tex-Mex restaurant and support them, but after leaving the South I had to learn to cook like they did! I went in search of recipes for my favorite dishes and realized I didn't even have a Tex-Mex cookbook.

I found Robb Walsh's "The Tex-Mex Cookbook" and my love affair with homemade Tex-Mex was born! I really don't know Robb Walsh other than his cookbooks but he must have the best job in the world! I sat and read the book like a novel and was mesmerized by the stories and the history he shared. I purchased this book in 2005 and it is my go-to book for all things Tex-Mex. I love the fact that a lot of the recipes come from Texas restaurant that I have enjoyed over the years.

El Fenix is the oldest Tex-Mex chain in Dallas, opening in 1918 and still going strong. As a little girl in the 1960's I remember Friday night dinners were always at El Fenix in Dallas. We lived in Waxahachie and it was about a 30 minute or so drive so it always seemed like such an adventure. This was my first recollection of this wonderful cuisine so when I saw their name in this cookbook I was hooked. Walmart stores carry their hot sauce and it's always in my fridge. Great memories in every bite!

My husband is the webmaster for my website and for dinner he is getting Cheese Enchilada's with Chili Gravy, his very favorite..or maybe Old Borunda Stacked Red Chili Enchilada's ...or maybe Green Chili Chicken Enchilada' many choices. Los Tios Mexican Rice and Mi Tierra's Frijoles Charros are the best and guess what? They are in the same cookbook. Hope to get pictures before he devours it!


  1. This is by far the best book for anyone wanting to try making Tex-Mex. I use it for guidance all the time.

  2. It is my favorite Tex-Mex cookbook and he is the king of Tex-Mex! Try the Truckstop chili if you haven' is phenomenal! Thanks for the comment.