Monday, January 17, 2011

Southern Ladies always serve dessert....

Resolve to Change #6
Food is not the enemy...make friends with your cookies!

We all love dessert! In the south it's just expected after a big family dinner. The only problem is we never know what a true serving actually looks like. I had Blue Bell Ice Cream for dinner last night and the serving size was 1/2 cup. I dished up the meager bowl and looked at it with extreme sadness. I realized it was the same size as the two huge bites I stole from the carton when I brought it home from the store! I felt a little weak in the knees. Wow..1/2 cup Ice Cream sure looks like less than 1/2 cup of cooked carrots.

Not to be deterred from keeping with my Southern roots and providing a sweet treat at the end of a meal,I searched for alternatives. I measured a serving of fresh berries and it looked like it was so much more food than the ice cream. I added low fat frozen yogurt and crushed nuts to the top and had a yummy parfait. Serve this in a beautiful crystal parfait glass and our Southern grandmas' would proud!

There are so many new recipes for healthier dessert recipes. Many cookbooks are available that focus on sugar free recipes or reduced sugar recipes. You can substitute applesauce for the oil and for a real fiber builder you can substitute black beans. I haven't tried this one yet but those who have say it's good...I'm still trying to find the courage to eat Black Bean Brownies! I love Cooking Light's magazine and website for desserts, they focus on the taste of the food as well as the fat and sugar content.

When you put all these Resolve to Change points together, you eat healthy. You are not on a diet...that should be taken out of our language. It brings about such bad memories of cardboard food and feeling guilty. Food should be eaten as close to the way God provided it as possible. Mostly life should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, just nice to feel good while your doing it!

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