Friday, January 14, 2011

You have such a glow about you....lay off the chemicals!!

Resolve to Change #5
polyphropeolenonexephrine...I don't want to eat that!!

When I was in Nursing school the hardest thing for me was to learn to pronounce chemical names. Nothing is as funny as hearing 20 Texans butchering the pronunciation of the Latin language. We needed to sound educated while speaking and most of us have been letting those words roll off of our tongues now for years. I know preservatives are needed to give longer shelf life and make our foods safer but I choose to limit the amount I ingest.

Monosodium Glutamate,the dreaded MSG that is used in restaurants to enhance their food flavor, is the most well known additive that causes people to immediately feel ill after consuming. I am so sensitive to this that I can take a few bites and know if it contains MSG. We finally have a Panda Express here and they use no added MSG in their foods, which means anything with heavy sauce could have some. I can eat there without getting ill!

I have to grocery shop at less busy times of the day or people get a little frustrated with me. I read the labels of everthing that I buy and if it contains more than one preservative it usually doesn't win the trip to my cart! MSG never makes the cut and nitrites are vey limited. If the first or second ingredient is a preservative I not only don't buy it, I most likely stand in the isle muttering to myself about my loathing of dirty food.

I just retweeted an artice from Eat This NotThat. The article is for a healthy cake but the subject was Twinkies having polysorbate 60, a petroleum product used to make plastic. How much of our food has less chemicals and additives than the cardboard box it's sold in? We have such an increase of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromylagia, Autism, and Auto-Immune disorders that have no known causes, we have to start somewhere changing things. I choose to start with eating things as close to their natural state as possible. I refuse to carry a dictionary to the grocery store, but I have looked up an ingredient on my Blackberry!

I started about 5 years ago mixing my own spice blends, dip mixes, breading mixes with only pure ingredients. Being a Texan the first thing I needed was a Chili mix that would do lots of things for me. Seasoning other food as well as making great chili would save me so much time cooking. Spicey Mama's Texas Chili Seasoning was born and it's such a good all purpose seasonig for all things Tex-Mex. We love to smoke meat,but all the rubs are mostly sugar and salt, which makes it not the healthiest for blood sugar or hearts. So I developed Killa-Dilla Rub that is salt free and has reduced sugar. I rub it on pork, beef and chicken and it's great sprinkled on oven baked steak fries. Dip mixes and breading mixes are my new project and my husband loves that he is the taste tester!!!

We deserve to have safe food that taste good but doesn't make us glow! My company is called New Southern Pantry. We can keep our Southern taste but approach the food in a new way. Just repeat after proprxplyopeptheyine, not a real chemical but watch maybe coming to a grocery store near you soon!

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