Monday, April 18, 2011

Southern Ladies of a Certain Age Club

Welcome to the Southern Ladies Club! You have achieved the great age of 40 and now you can know all the secrets of the club. If your not in that group, we are going to make your life easier and share all our well kept secrets with you!  

Have you been told all your life to do things a certain way in the South? Were you made to feel less than a gentile Southern Belle if you didn't? Did you feel like you might be asked to surrender your Mason-Dixon club card at any minute?

Don't despair, I have 40 suggestions that I gifted my sister with on the celebration of her 40th birthday. I know she will be okay with my sharing those with you...considering she is now well over the shock of that birthday!

Now for all those reading this who are not Southern born...I'm sure you have a set of "rules" passed down from your female relatives that are equally as thought provoking and frustrating as some of these Southern Ladies rules.

Day 1: You will not catch pneumonia without a slip on under your clothes in the South, even in the winter when it hits 40 degrees. My mom has literally chased me out the door with my undergarment in her hand. She could become completely hysterical in her concern over my delicate respiratory system. Now a nice slip is a must with that gauzey springtime skirt....enough said!

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  1. I am not Southern born, but my momma was and though she didn't force the rules on me I saw her live them out. I can still remember seeing her bustling about her bedroom with her full-length slip on.