Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beware of Southern Ladies Who Smile

When we moved from Texas to Colorado I learned really quick that the phrase "go big or go home" defined a Southern girl. I quickly found out I was a fish out of water and had to learn to adapt to a more relaxed style. I did not enjoy this change at all!, it made me feel completely unsettled.
A trip to the mall was suppose to help me, but what it did was horrify me because no one had on makeup! And even worse was the fact that they had their hair pulled back with a headband. Most traveled very well on a bicycle...and seem to have a water bottle everywhere they went.
What I finally learned was they were...HEALTHY...and it wasn't so hot outside that you would die on a bike in the summer. As I thought about this I reconsidered my life so far and decided that this would be like an extended mountain vacation.
I never gave up my make-up, refused the headband, not a bike girl, but I did get a really pretty water bottle. Hey , it was a fashion accessory!

Southern girls are known for their sweet smiles. We are taught by our mom's that we can smile through anything. My mom could smile and make anything seem like a good idea, even things like grounding me for a week! To go along with that smile, we have that Southern twang that makes us sound like Scarlett. I have been known to use that at times to get what I want, but when you leave the south, it doens't work as well. Then they just look at you and say.."I'm sorry, what did you say...and where are you from?" So many times I wanted to say "New York City", but Southern girls are never rude to strangers! I have learned that women everywhere have their own little clubs and could write this from a Northern, Eastern, Western or Midwestern view. We all are the product of our environment and the nicest thing is...we all are women and love being us!

Happy Easter to everyone, enjoy the celebrations at your church & with your family!  Those of you that aren't Southern...if you need a menu, decorating ideas, etc...ask a Southern girl to help, she has a 3-ring binder somewhere full of ideas!

Day 4- Southern Ladies insider's tip for today. Southern women have to be careful with those not from the South. I have been known to overwhelm a few people north of the Mason-Dixon line. 
We tend to be a little over the top with many things such as our consuming need to feed people, our neurosis about decorating everything and of course our hair.
Never change to fit other people's style , just be yourself and you will be the belle of the ball.
Day 5 - Southern Ladies Club
Those who can perfect a smile that never changes regardless are lucky indeed.
Only Southern ladies over 40 know that every smile doesn't mean the same thing.
 We smile because, we are holding back comments that would be less than ladylike, tears that would smear our makeup and at times because we are already planning the demise of those who caused them. Not that we would act out those plans, but a girl has to dream!


  1. I just found your blog and website because of a comment you made on Homesick Texan. I am Southern, now living in Iowa. Your comment about Colorado is so right on! I have always felt a little bit over dressed when we go there -- my hair all done up, makeup, jewelry. I'm probably the only girl who frets over what to wear hiking.

    I once spent a summer in North Dakota and it wasn't until the end that my coworkers said most of the time they didn't understand me, and that they didn't know what to think about me and my very big hair.

  2. I was so tired of being asked where I was from...really, did they think that was a New York accent? I love being Southern but tried to change to be like the "others" Just can't do it! Glad you read my blog, I love the comments!

  3. I also found your blog by reading comments on Homesick Texan...I also am southern, from Texas, but have lived in northern Arizona for the last 20 years. I can totally relate to the "relaxed" way women dress here. I will never give up my makeup, or stop doing my hair....even while camping! When I hear comments about always having to look nice, I just say, "Hey, I'm southern. I was born with a makeup brush in my hand." My friends have gotten used to me, but they still are amazed at my "perfectly" curled hair when I camp. They also LOVE the way I can create a fully decorated party in the middle of nowhere. Southern blood has worked well for me!

  4. That is so true, people at our church always gush over simple party foods, think I went all out..hey they would pass out if I really went all out!!! I think the term "go big or go home" had to have rolled off of a Texas girls lips first!
    Thanks for commenting