Friday, November 12, 2010

Southern women working from this a new concept?

I love the "new" working from home concept. Women have always worked from home, at home, in the home and in the community! I have always wondered how it would feel to know that mowing the yard and taking out the trash completed my weekly chores list at home. Not to say that my husband won't do anything I ask and do it gladly...he just has to be asked. Women married or single are responsible for the majority of the household management. This is a job I love and honestly don't want help if I can do it myself.

Now Southern women are unique in a few ways as are women in other areas I have lived. Being a Texas born and bred girl I tend to be a little particular about things in my home. It's not easy to admit being a little neurotic about possessions. We tend to want family treasures, grandmother's dishes, and for some of us..don't touch that piece of paper the old recipe is on or you will draw back a nub. Having lived in several states across America I can say women everywhere have some of these issues. For me it's all about my kitchen and cooking. I love to read cookbook's like others read novels. On my bedside table there are 3 cooking magazine's, 1 cookbook, and a Fannie Flagg novel...oh and a decorating magazine. So that's me..I'm a true food fanatic.

Dave Ramsey says that a wife can be the greatest home economist there is.We love a bargin. We love coupons. What is the first thing we learn to do as girls? Shop! I always loved going to town on Saturday with my Mom and going to the grocery store. It was like walking into a toy store for me. Even at age 10 I had an unusal thrill of seeing all the different foods, spices, and things from other countries that were so foreign to me. Even to this day when we travel I want to go to the local grocery store and check out the regions food specialties. I will skip mall shopping ,which I hate, to go to the grocery store. As I write this my mind is on the fact that our town has a Trader Joe's grand opening this morning. I will drive by malls, furniture stores, outlet malls...never slow down until I get to the newest food playground in town.

Several weeks ago my husband was trying to be helpful and met me at the grocery store to load my purchase in the car. After doing this he put the cart in the rack and we left. When we got home I started looking for my well organized and jam packed coupon folder. It was a lovely green organizer that contained my favorite coupons. He left it in the cart and it is gone forever. Honestly I acted a little childish about this, needless to say he was very sorry and looked a little nervous as he explained what happened. I have since gotten a new bright pink organizer and realize I shouldn't have let it out of my sight. Neurotic or a great home manager??

This week has been one where the wife's work at home overwhelmed the working from home job. I would have it no other way because I do the first because I love my husband, son, and family so much that they come before everything. I work from home for my job because I love these special people and nothing will ever come before them again. Now if I can get that coupon organizer's demise out of my mind I will get on with my life.......

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