Monday, November 29, 2010

Spicey Mama's Texas Chili Seasoning

This week I will have my website finished and ready for business. This seemed like such an easy task but once again I will say I was wrong. I like to be in control of everything but am learning that is just not possible. I do not have a degree in computer science and unless a computer has a blood pumping heart I'm probably not an expert! As a nurse I can swim in most waters in that field and be comfortable, but with the computer I'm learning something new everyday. Thankfully I'm married to a computer whiz so that works out well and luckily he still ask me if he should take Tylenol for a headache.

Thanksgiving cooking is over and now I'm thinking about Christmas. I go from one big cooking event to the other the way some women look for shoe sales. Starting a business dealing with food products is so exciting for me and I can't wait to start seeing the feedback from customers. All my products will be free of MSG and salt. We all need some sodium in our diets to help our bodies function but the amount that is added to foods is just crazy. Salt covers up the the use of cheap ingredients by increasing the flavor effects on the taste buds. Food that is produced in the United States has strict guidelines for that product and it's labeling. Foods produced outside the US are not regulated well and may have much more than is even on the label. I am very sensitive to MSG, I know immediately after eating out if a food had it hidden in a sauce or seasoning. I try to avoid foods that have sauces, creams or gravies on them for that reason as well as the salt content. Chinese food is the biggest problem for me, but you can avoid the MSG problem when you eat at Panda Express. They do not add MSG to their foods, although there may be some in the if your sensitive be careful.

I developed a chili seasoning myself over the years so I could control what went into it and know it wouldn't make me ill. Last year my husband used it in the annual chili cook-off at our church and he won 1st place. Now that in itself is great, but we live in Nebraska and they normally don't care for the spicey foods. Spicey Mama's is a well balanced seasoning that has a deep chili flavor that gives an all day cooking taste to your chili or soups. It is pure Texas in a little zip lock bag!! Chili isn't about how hot you can get it to's about how deep and layered you can get the flavors. I don't add any salt, sugar or preservatives to this seasoning but do add a small amount of salt to my meat as it cooks. Nice thing about this is the cook is in control...which makes me very happy indeed!

I'm a Texan living in Nebraska who loves spicy Tex-Mex foods. When you think you have found a resturant that serves real Tex-Mex...they either close or you find out they use frozen burritos..YIKES!!! To my Midwest friends..that would be like you finding out they use frozen corn and pass it off as the wonderful fresh corn we have here in the late summer. Some things are just sacred and meant to be fresh. We do have some real Mexican food resturants that serve great tamales and baja style Mexican which I enjoy alot.

So Spicey Mama's Texas Chili Seasoning was born from despair but has grown to be the cornerstone of my spice and seasoning line. I love developing new products and have some great rubs that will be on the website soon. Killa Dilla Rub...hmmm...

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