Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wow....I'm still me huh??? !!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. We are so blessed in this country to have the chance to do anything we dream. It has been a long battle and opinon has swung both directions, but a woman can now be anything she wants!
If she chooses to be a doctor, chef, corporate executive or lawyer she has a busy and exciting life. On the flip side if she chooses to stay home, raise her children, manage her home and her life it is just as exciting and busy. It is okay to choose either direction and enjoy them completely! I have done both and can say they are equally rewarding and challenging.

After your children are grown and that "empty nest nasty stuff" hits, you look around and say...what now??? Although I was in the workplace when my son left for college the change was overwhelming. I began to look at my life in a much different way. What do I want now? Where am I going? Does this job really make me happy? I knew I would leave my stressful job and do something I loved. Life is just too short not to step out and see if your dreams are going to be a reality.

Now, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. When I was 20 I had the crazy idea to open a craft store and let people put their crafted items there for resale. I took 15% of the cost and managed the store. It was going strong and we had to move out of town for my husbands job and I closed the store. Years later while living in Colorado I found a large craft mall and stood in the middle of it and laughed. Timing is everything! Always made me feel good to know I should trust my gut and step out and just do it.

Took me a while but I have realized that I'm still that 20 yr old girl with dreams of bigger and better days. We all need to remember that sesons occur for a reason, they prepare for the next harvest. So I think it's time to get my plow out and kick up some dirt!!!

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  1. I loved your post. Seasons do bring different harvests...great point. I think maybe you could have been a preacher too. So glad that you guys are coming for Thanksgiving. We miss you and are really excited to have you be with us. Plus, we get to eat your yummy food!! WOOHOO!! Seth and I are making a list. =) Keep on blogging girl.